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Inspiration behind the Raquel Dress

by Simona Maghen 11 Aug 2018


Hello lovely ladies, the Raquel dress is the quintessential sophisticated dress that will be flattering on every body type from petite to curvy.  Inspiration comes from a dear friend who was wearing a long gown with similar seam detailing, however the styling of the dress was totally different. One look and my mind began the design dance. My friend has lovely curves and I thought, I need to do my own spin on this, such detailing can be flattering on all body types... then came off the shoulder with sleeves and a mermaid hem.  The Raquel Dress was born, it is only apropos to  name it after my friend.

The off the shoulder design is flattering, which highlights the decllotage.  Sleeves are a nice added touch in terms of coverage, yet it does not take away from the sophistication of the dress and the mermaid hem adds a flirty appeal.  Added features include front and back full lining, as well as molded bra cups.

All in all this dress is a versatile dress, be it black, "little black dress", or navy blue - either color can be paired with fun heels and accessories.  Whether it be a date night dress, wedding guest dress, or just a fun party dress.  Dress it up and style it your way!


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