Born and raised in Los Angeles, Simona Maghen always had an artistic streak.  She was continuously creating: drawing, painting, and expressing herself creatively through her clothing. 
One could even say that Simona was destined to become a fashion designer.  In fifth grade, Simona’s future was solidified. “What is that drawing of?” a classmate asked her.  Simona replied with assurance and conviction, “It is the label for my clothing line!”   So at the tender age of ten, Simona's path in life was set. 
She also grew up with a mother who loved fashion, and inspired her with this love, whether it be through her bevy of fashionable ensembles that her mother always wore, or the many times when the they would shop together.
Two weeks after graduating college with a B.S. degree in Fashion Design from Cal State Northridge she got her first job in the fashion industry. She worked for various multi-million dollar companies and her designs were bought for high-end retailers… all the while never forgetting her childhood dream.
Following her destiny, Simona launched her line in 2016, and continues to pay homage to her late mother through her work, as is represented by the purple, her mother’s favorite color, which is a color detail associated with her clothing line.
Simona Maghen designs are key; the DNA and essence of her brand is creating innately sophisticated and feminine, fit to flatter dresses coupled with quality and love of detailing, both in design and construction. Simona Maghen designs for the modern woman who is confident, cool yet bold, and not afraid to embrace her femininity and accentuate her curves.


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