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4 Dresses Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe!

by Simona Maghen 30 Jul 2019

As we try to navigate the sultry summer weather in style, all we can think about are dresses and sandals. While we have the latter covered with our trusty strappy sandals, the dresses are another ball game, with our personal style dictating a large part of what we add to our wardrobe. However, there are a few classic, timeless dresses that look good on everyone and have the ability to out live all seasons.

So, we have put together a list of four such timeless dresses that every woman should own:

  1. The little black dress

Every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe because it can really get you through pretty much any kind of occasion. From work to black-tie events to dinner dates, you will constantly find yourself falling back on it all the time. Opt for a simple, not too trendy piece, like a bell sleeve shift dress or a full-back zipper dress; so that you can keep wearing it season after season, and make it your own by accessorizing it.

  1. The work dress

You most probably have a range of work-appropriate outfits in your wardrobe, but it is always important to have that one special dress that helps you channel the perfect girl-boss attitude, like our Adeline Sheath dress, which is available is both black and emerald green. It doesn’t just make you look smart, but also gives you confidence. You can always wear it for those extra-special client meetings and even job interviews.

  1. The date-night dress

A dress that every woman should definitely have in her wardrobe is a classic date-night dress- one that truly transforms your style and confidence. Whether it is the sexy bustier style of our Bianca Lace Dress, which is flattering on different body types due to the stretch lace, double layer lining so it is not transparent, along with adjustable straps. Or something more reserved and demure like our Carina Dress, which is a stylish black and white dress adorned with cut-out shoulders, little buttons and bows. The Carina Dress embodies femininity with out being overtly sexy.  That said, you should always have that one dress in your arsenal, which makes you feel like your absolute best.

  1. The perfect-for-all-weddings dress

We have all been there; getting an invitation for a wedding and then going into a panic-stricken sartorial frenzy trying to find something that will match the dress code. Obviously, ideally you would want to buy a dress that can take you through all seasons. This means you need to choose something that is timeless yet versatile and can be styled and accessorized in many different ways.

All these dresses will be popular and flattering for many years down the line, because of there classic yet modern approach. So, you will always be able to pull one out of your closet and know that you’ve made a solid, wise investment.

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