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4 Tips For Styling Your Little Black Dress

by Simona Maghen 27 Jun 2019
There are very few items that more stylish and versatile additions to a woman’s wardrobe than a little black dress, our Jayla Dress, Adeline Sheath and Raquel Dress are all the perfect LBD, and each one has its own silhouette that you can easily turn into your own look. This one-and-done piece that will get you out of the door in seconds is the perfect solution to your outfit woes. The best part is that an LBD is like a blank canvas. You can wear it in a multitude of ways by simply changing the accessories, details or by layering it in unique ways.

So, here are some of our favorite LBD styling tricks that will help you rock your dress from work to dinner and everything in between!

1.Pair with sneakers

Many people balk at the idea of wearing something like an LBD with sneakers but this bold move has become more common these days amongst fashionistas. If done the right way, stylish sneakers can provide some interesting and unexpected contrasting elements to the look. This combination is casual but, still looks elegant and well-put together; thus, making it perfect even as an evening or work wear look. Above all you can look polished, yet comfortable at the same time.

2.Layer a vest or jacket on top

If you are looking to make an LBD, which is usually reserved for work or formal events, a little more street-style appropriate, then layer a vest, anything from a denim vest to fur vest would work, a printed bomber jacket, or leather motorcycle jacket over it and add a pair of combat boots to complete the look. Also, on days that you feel like your LBD is too boring, pair it with bright outerwear to take the focus off the dress.

3.Accessorize with statement jewelry

Even though it may seem like a no-brainer, adding some statement jewelry to your LBD look is a great way to dress it up, and turn it into your own look. You can wear one statement necklace or a pair of statement earrings, but if you are looking for a more dramatic effect, then try layering on some jewelry such as two or three dainty necklaces , a pair of simple earrings and couple of bangles or one large colored bangle.

4.Wear it with a pair of tights

Wearing a pair of patterned tights can be a great way to add some visual interest to a basic LBD look. Tights are inexpensive and perfect for all seasons, and can express your personality. So, wear your LBD with a pair of Swiss-dot tights, lace tights or fishnet tights and some pointy pumps to channel an elegant look.

Don’t have an LBD yet? Check out our collection of dresses to find one for yourself. You can also choose from a selection of dresses that you can wear to work such as fit and flare dresses, midi dresses, black dresses and much more!
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